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Need planning permission or maintenance for your newly fitted flagpole?

Hi-Fliers (Flagstaffs) Ltd are completely up-to-date with the legislation when it comes to the local authorities, what we don't know, isn't worth knowing.


So if you need help with your local authorities or you wish to take advantage of our expertise in flagpole maintenance, get in touch with us today.

We will take care of the planning

We have many years’ experience when it comes to local planning issues, especially when it is relating to the positioning of flags and flagpoles. The height of the flagpole should match the size of the building and its surroundings.


The general rule is the bottom of the flag should be level with the adjacent highest point on the building. So talk to us for advice on advertising planning applications and help with submitted plans to the relevant local authority.

Let us maintain your flagpole

Even though fibreglass flagpoles do not need mechanical maintenance, their ancillary fittings need to be checked and where necessary replaced. Halyard can fray causing breakage which will result in the loss of your flag.


Wall and ground fittings should be checked on a regular basis to ensure stability for the flagpole and of course flagpoles do need to be cleaned as well as flags changed.


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